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“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

C.G. Jung

I believe that we are all on the brink of a threshold, a right of passage, that is calling us. I support individuals and couples to discover what that threshold is and how to cross it. By taking a depth psychological approach, we explore the unconscious material of your psyche to understand what may be holding you back from realizing deeper layers of

healing and wholeness.

The human experience is defined by the tension of life and death, joy and suffering, and pleasure and pain. I believe that the work of therapy is to develop the skill of holding the tension of these opposites. Engaging in a conscious healing process supports one to access deeper layers of feeling that have previously felt unsafe or out of reach. By moving through suffering, we create an opportunity to deepen our capacity for the love, joy, pleasure, peace, and creativity that is available to us all. 


I create a warm and empathetic space for self-exploration grounded in authentic relationship. I take a solutions-focused approach, supporting each one of my clients to identify what they desire from our time together and to realize their unique intentions and goals.  This may take the form of exploring the past and how it impacts the present, examining relational patterns,  developing coping skills, visioning your future, processing deep emotion, rewriting narratives, and cultivating a relationship to the wholeness of your being. 


individual therapy

I specialize in treating adolescents and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, grief and loss, life transitions, and substance use, and who are who exploring their spirituality, sexuality, and sexual identity. Whether the work is short-term or long-term, I work with my clients to identify and realize their unique intentions and goals for therapy.

COUPLES therapy

As the renowned couples therapist Esther Perel famously says, "the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationships". I support couples to alchemize relational trauma, develop consciousness around relational patterns, and cultivate effective and compassionate communication skills in order to access deeper layers of intimacy. My work is informed by Stan Tatkin's Pact method, as well as Terry Real's Relational Life Therapy and John Gottman's the Gottman Method. 


Psychedelic medicine has the capacity to awaken unconscious material, deepen connection to one's spiritual nature, and shift our perspective on what it means to be human. However, without integration, even the most profound psychedelic experiences loose their healing potential. Through my own transformative experiences with psychedelic medicine as well as my training on psychedelic integration, I provide support for those who wish to integrate their learnings and insight into their daily lives. 

Are you curious to explore the possibility of working with me? I gladly provide a free 30-minute video or phone consultation for you to get a sense of how I work and ask any questions you may have.

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